May 30

Cryptid Hair Sample Method 

As of yesterday I went to Chicke’s Rock in search of the Albatwitch. Before going I decided that to find which area to look in I should first set some indication traps to determine where it has been or goes.

 While looking for a tracking method I found one that has actually been used by cryptozoologists studying Sasquatch, and apparently has produced remarkable fur samples. This was a win-win because if it works not only will I know where to search but it could also provide possible DNA evidence. 

So when I went to Chicke’s Rock I brought some duct tape, apples, nails and tape measure and then set these traps in two locations, the first about one mile into an off trail and the other much closer so that I know how deep into to woods to look for this Albatwitch. 

When set the trap looks like this:

So knowing that this creature likes apples and is approximately 4 ft. tall I measured out 6 ft. (guessing it’s arm was about half it’s height) and hammered a nail into the tree a few inches below that point. I then stuck a peice of an apple to it and proceeded to wrap duct tape around the tree, once just below the bait, once where the torso may be and once more where the leg would be. The idea is that hopefully when it takes the bait it will press against the tree and then when it walks away it will tear off some hair.

I plan to go back later today to check the traps to see whether or not they were tampered by the Albatwitch.

Thank you for reading this post 😀

May 29

Albatwitch Photo Analysis 

The Albatwitch is a Sasquatch type creature that roams in the woods of Chickes Rock. Like most cryptids there have been supposed sightings of the creature, including some photos such as this 

but a photo is not concrete evidence of the existence of a cryptid. In order to prove or disprove a photo’s legitimacy it must be analyzed and that is exactly what I will do to this photo to see whether or not this is an authentic image.

The story behind the picture is that a woman was walking her dog one day and say this, so she took a picture before fleeing.

What you can tell immediatly at a first glance is that it walks on four legs so I traced the angles of each leg

So after observing this you can see that the front legs (purple) seem to be on fists rather than hands, that or large feet (unintentional pun) and that the back legs (red) seem to have knees like that of a human. But then I had thought that most animals tend to have inverted knees 

so I did research into animals from the area that could be that size and all animals turned out to have inverted knees. I then figured that if no other animals fit the description ot must be humanoid. But then I found one animal that doesn’t have inverted knees, can walk bipedal and has large paws.

This leads me to conclude that I believe that photograph is of a blackbear.

Thank you for reading this post.

May 29

Flatwoods Monster

If you wander deep into the woods of West Virginia you may encounter a bizarre creature, one with a spade shaped crest like that of a squid, eyes glowing like bicycle reflectors, long segmented arms and falanges, and what appears to be a kilt or cloak. That’d be a night you’d never forget. Some say it’s an alien, a robot (similar to a dalek), a phantom or another undiscovered creature like most cryptids, but my personal theory is that the Flatwoodsatwoods Monster is none other than..MOTHMAN! My reasoning behing this presumption is as follows. Not only are they from that same region but share similar characteristics such as they are both bipedal, tall, lengthy, and share the infamous glowing red eyes. The only thing that seems to be different are the wings and crest. This can be explained simply by gender, like how female lions have no mane, or by illusion. Now assuming the Flatwoods Monster looks something like this:
We can see that the crest could be behind it’s head and the shoulders are broad and the body narrows until reaching the waist. What is that is simply how it appears from a straight on angle and the body shape is actually like this:

And the apparent crest is actually wings folded behind it’s back like so:

meaning that when extended the wings may look like what you see on this animal:

which happens to be a picture of the Mothman. Now let’s say that that it partially extends it’s wings it could look like this:

To help you better visualize this here are some outlines:

Now you may notice that the space between the legs is covered in some way. Maybe it appears to be a kilt/cloak on the Flatwoods Monster but is actually what it seems to be on the Mothman, which is a webbing of somesort, similar to what you would see on a wingsiut or flying squirrel.

Wait! What is this? They are all connected with the similarity of triangles! That can only mean that Mothman is…Illuminati! But in all seriousness now that I have presented the visual leads I have other reason to think the Flatwoods Monster and Mothman are one in the same. These reasons are that they happen to be in the same state so I figured that one may be confused with the other, so they might actually be one creature. To test this theory I had interviewed someone whom had claimed to have witnessed the Mothman, and then showed them a photo of Flatwoods Monster, they said that that is what they saw that night. This concludes my theory as to why the Flatwoods Monster is the Mothman. Thank you for reading this post =^D

May 26


Rumor has it that by night in the state of West Virginia haunts a bipedal monstrosity that possesses eyes glowing red like burning coals, furry wings and an overall impression of pure utter evil that you can sense when it lurks in your presence. According to urban legends the Mothman has appeared at the site of a disaster before it happens on several occasion, as a warning or a curse. Some say it’s orgins are that it is an alien, demon, omen or monsterous creature, one that has held a legacy since 1966 as the notorious being known as…MOTHMAN!

May 25

Jersey Devil 

Legends have circulated of this monster since the revolutionary war and still to this day. It is said to prey upon livestock, children and dogs. Some stories depict it as having been born in a cabin in 1735, it was the 13th child of a witch whom cursed it out of frustration then the beast was born and it flew out of the chimeny, vanishing into the pine forests. Others say it is a mistake of nature, a pegasus, a dragon, a hybrid, a rumor or simply just a common cyrptid. No matter the orgin a descriptions seem to match, describing it as a horselike creature with horns or antlers and the wings of a bat. And even today are still sightings reporting a mosterous creature terrorizing the locals. If you ever decide to wander deep into the woods of New Jersey, you had better hope you don’t encounter the infamous… JERSEY DEVIL!

May 25


In the hemlock forests of northern Pennsylvania lurks an elusive creature, one that is most active on a moonlit night, has the esque of a boar and a loose fitting hide. Legend says that it weeps in loneliness and others say that it can dissolve. Tales of this beast have been told since the 19th century and sightings have occured even longer. The rumored creature is thought to be a myth yet is renouned to this day, known as…the SQUONK!

Mar 05


Albatwitch. A name given to it by the Susquehannock translatiing to “apple-snitch”. The reason this creature was named what it was is because when the natives would go to harvest apples they would sometimes see the Albatwitch stealing apples from their apple tree and then gallop away. Modern day reports of it claim that they try to steal apples from picnickers and if they are seen they throw the apple at the startled people and flee into the woods.

This animal is described as a shor (approx. 4 ft. tall), hairy creature that looks similar to the famed Bigfoot/Sasquatch but has more humanoid proportions.

It resides in the woods of a hiking trail called “Chicke’s Rock”. Chicke’s Rock is about 20 minues (by car) away. I have hiked there before but not since hearing about this cryptid and I have never encountered it either. Now I am planning to go there again, but this time it will be for the purpose of trying to find the elusive Albatwitch.

Sep 01

Niagara & Eternal Flame Fall(s)

A few weeks ago I went on a summertime school field trip. The itinerary was scheduled the previous school year as was the fund raising to pay the expenses. When the time had come for departure everyone going on the trip got into a 12 passenger van and endured a 4 3/4 hour car ride to up state New York. Four 3/4 hours later the van arrived at the camp ground. The very next day (dun,dun,da,dun,da,dun,dun,dun…-duck song) the van had departed for Niagra Falls State Park. As soon as arrival you could hear the waterfalls. And as soon as the waterfalls were in sight everyone rushed over to the viewing rail. At that moment did it make sense why Niagara Falls was so renouned. Everybody was in awe. It was hard to grasp just how epic the water falls were. But it didn’t end there. We had the experience of going on The Maid of the Mist tour. This tour was one of my most exillerating experiences as we went into a boat that sailed into the lake the waterfalls were pouring into. When the boat got closer the people on the boat got damp (but not soaked due to the ponchos) because of the mist. But the boat continued to venture fore ward, even farther into the mist. As the boat got deeper into the lake the mist got thicker, and eventually as thick as smoke or dense fog. I attempted to take a photo , but it turned out to look like a picture of a sheet of paper. After leaving the boat there were two vantage points to see different views of the waterfalls that we went to, one of which being stairs that showed a waterfall and mossy bouldered cliff very closely, the other being a long balcony hanging over the river. After seeing Niagara Falls the next destination was Eternal Flame Fall which was reached shortly after. To get to Eternal Flame Fall everyone hiked down a trail. Once everyone reached the end of the trail there was a small waterfall with a flame burning behind it(hence the name). Apparently the reason for the flame burning eternally is that there is a natural gas spring that is ignited annually, therefore becoming an eternal flame burning behind a waterfall. And that statement alone is enough to prove justice to it’s amazement. The next day the van departed for Harrisburg from a trip not soon to be forgotten.


Sep 29


Today I went to Nook sports with my sister and parents. Me and my sister went rock climbing on the rock walls they have there. There were walls named “sky scraper”,”spaghetti junction”,”dome  chimney”, as well as a wall of handles and many other walls. At the end Me and my sister did the “leap of faith” where you climb a 20 ft. ladder onto a board and then jump and try to grab a cylinder but if you , ropes will prevent your fall. Overall I had A fantastic day.

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