Nov 16

Podcast Coming Soon

So for a while I have had the issue of needing more content in order to post more consistently. But this issue has not only been on this website but also my YouTube channel. So then I got an idea that an ongoing series would be a recurring presentation with individual originality with each episode. So how I could fit this in with my theme of exploration and adventure? I would have to travel very frequently for a sustainable reputation of posts but the only inconvenience is that I see is that it would be difficult to constantly go places and have it cooperate with schedule. But what if I could do that without going anywhere. Then I realized I could. Though it would rule out the possibility of video it wouldn’t disqualify an audio recording. Realizing this I decided to create a podcast. Other conveniences of making a podcast are that I wouldn’t have to worry too much about visual editing, I could record any where remotely quite and that people could listen to it without having to watch anything: they could listen to it during their comute or jog or if they were preoccupied doing something else that requires their visual attention or for entertainment. And so the theme of this podcast with be talking, debating and conducting interviews on the subject of exploration, adventyre, and cryptozoology. The name is currently pending.

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