Jul 28

Sasquatch In Pinchot Park

So I was camping in Pinchot Park and I decided to go exploring in the woods behind the campsite. As I ventured back there I had found that the closest part of the forest was tall grass, brush and scattered trees and as you go deeper there is a dryer area of woods with more trees and vines hanging from the canopy of the treetops. At first I was in the area of much more greenery when I saw a structure a trees that were broken at the base or bent over so it could be intertwined at the top and then covered in dry bushes, twigs and leaves to build a shelter of some sort. As I was questioning the orgin of the wigwam I heard a grunting sound from behind me (30 yds away at most), diagonally to my right (which was from the dry part of the woods). It sounded like the noise you would image if a cow had the wind knocked out of it. I had immediately turned to see the sounce of the sound but whatever made the noise had vanished. I originally thought it was a deer so I went toward the direction of where the sound came from to investigate if there actually was. But whilst going that way I saw an animal trail. I decided to check this animal trail to see if I could find tracks of a deer. I had found an impressions in the ground but it was faint (1/4 inches deep) since the dirt was very dense, but it did not look like a deer print at all but rather like that of a human. This would have been confusing (since it would be hard to belive that any sane person would walk barefoot through ticks, spiderwebs, mud, thorns, poision ivy and possible snakes) if the footprints weren’t 16 inches long and 6 inches wide. There were also more going down this trail (4 1/2 ft stride). I also considered the possibility of it being a bear’s back foot tracks but found no possible prints that would’ve been made by a bear’s front paws.  I then took a photo of the clearest one, even though it was still vague. This is the original picture:You probably can barely see it if at all since it is much easier to see in person. Now this is the edited version to point out details of the photograph:

Blue is outlining the heel area, red is where the arch is, green shows the ball of the foot and yellow outlines the individual toes. As you can see, the area withing the heel and ball of the foot are flattened (leaves folded, twigs pushed into ground or broken) whereas the arch and toes are just disturbed, this is because of the distibution of pressure. I then continued onward into the forest rather than down the trail, figuring that the noise was certainly fresher than the tracks. While in the woods I found more tracks (that were still ill-defined) and some defecate. I had analyzed it and at a glance I could tell it was an omnivorous excrement but I am unfamiliar with scat of specific animals. I then collected some fecal samples and have yet to study them further. There were parts of the forest I couldn’t continue into due to the difficulty of accessibility, which is likely where it had escaped to. Are there Sasquatch in the woods of Pinchot State Park? At this time, given current evidence I would say I am thoroughly convinced there are…

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