Jul 26

Conewago Phantom

So, before I went to Pinchot State Park to go camping I google searched if there have been any cryptid sightings there (as I always do) and what I found was chilling. Apparently there is a creature that matches the description of the Conewago Phantom that has been seen near the lake on a few occasions. Sightings of this monster originated from the Conewago area (hence the name). It is said to have bat-like wings and a banshee-like scream which sounded similar to other creatures I have heard of. But when I had looked at photos of it I had realized it was synonymous with the Mothman. I later saw an unexplained light coming from the woods and the next morning I was told by a couple of campers that they heard a screeching sound that night. Could the Conewago Phantom be the infamous Mothman? Could it lurk the forests of Pinchot Park? I am led to belive so.


  1. Mac

    Are you a cryptzooologist?

    1. nate

      I’m trying to be

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