Jun 19

Re-Bunking Albatwitch Photo Analysis 

In a previous post I analyzed a photo that claimed to be of an Albatwitch. In said post I determined that the photo was of a black bear. The photo itself was this:

But then upon further research into cryptid sightings I found this photo which appears to have been taken be a trail camera:

Instantly I saw the resemblance between the two photos. But this picture was in an even better resolution. I began to doubt my previous conclusion. Hence I decided to again analyze these photos and compare them to determine a final verdict to the authenticity of the evidence.

To begin I will review previous points that were made and re-apply them to the pictures.

First I had pointed out the features of the limbs.

In both photos you can see that the creatures appears to walk on feet and fists rather than paws and that the knees are pointed foreward. These characteristics match that of a bear. It does not have inverted knees and it have large paws which may appear to look like fists and feet and it can walk bipedally which matches the description of an albatwitch amd blackbears also are known to inhabit the area.

But throughout the examination I was lookimg for similarities of the photo and the albatwitch but what I was not looking for were the differences. And so I did. What I noticed is that the angle from the shoulder to the pelvis goes upwards on a bear yet downwards on the suspected albatwitches as shown here:

Another noticable difference is that the front arms of a bear are shorter than their back legs and the front legs of the albatwitch are longer than their back legs:

But if you notice some of the differences are similarities, not to the bear but to the gorilla and the albatwitch, being a sasquatch type creature, is said to be similar to an ape.

Here you can see that the gorilla has longer arms than legs, it walks on fists and feet, and the angle from shoulder to pelvis goes downward:

Something else you can notice about the gorilla that is like the knees are facing foreward (not inverted).

Another thing that you might notice is that the head shape of the gorilla now seems to be mirrored by the albatwitch, that they are conical.

I now think that my final conclusion is that it would appear the photographs are infact of an albatwitch rather than a blackbear.

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