Jun 07


If you ever are hiking through the depths of the Amazon rainforest you might find yourself in the presence of an enormous beast thought to be extinct. Let your mind grasp, if you can, the idea of a creature with a towering height of 9 ft. when bipedal, a slouching back, thick red fur coat over an impentrable hide, claws sharp enough to effortlessley tear open tree trunks, a rancid aroma similar to garlic or a decomposing animal, a shreek similar to that of a banshee’s scream, and an overall esque of a sloth. This creature which I have just described is known as…the MAPINGUARI! 

Legends have been passed through generations of this monster amongst the jungle natives, sightings still continue today, there have even been hair and fecal samples yet DNA test prove inconsistent  hence inconclusive and are disregarded as non-concrete evidence of it’s existence.

Only time will tell if this beast is ever discovered to be un-extinct.

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