Jun 07


Imagine the shock you would experience if you were a farmer, one whom woke up at the crack of dawn to get an early morning’s work done, only to realize that one of your goats is lying lifless in the field whilst having it’s blood sucked from it’s veins by a foul creature, one that you had thought was only a myth until this moment, one that has been rumored to exist but never proven, the name itself translates to “goat sucker”, what you belive to be what you have witnessed may smvery well be the legendary… CHUPACABRAS! 

The concentration of sightings of this creature tend to be in areas such as Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America and the SW US such as Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas which leads skeptics to belive that it is simply hispanic cultural folklore.

This creature is said to be semi-bipedal, have a skin similar to that of a lizard, the scent of sulfur,a forked tounge, claws or talons and equally sharp fangs. Some reports claim it has spines like that of a stegosaurus down their back and others say it jumps like a gazelle or kangaroo. If threatened it is said that it hisses similar to a cat or snake.

The orgins of this monster are uncertain. Some say that it is an alien, hyena, demon,myth, panther, wolf or just a different creature of it’s own.

Certain sightings have been photographed and farmers have shot  alleged chupacabrases but whenever analyzed the carcasses have turned out to be mangy dogs or cougars and photo have been said to be coyotes.

Skeptics doubt it’s existence and even cryptozoologists are unsure due to the lack of evidence causing this to be one of the lesser plausible creatures said to exist but if you ever see it you without question will then belive in the infamous…CHUPACABRA!

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