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Sep 28



Imagine the confusion you would experience in the event you you have sighted what folklore calls the jackalope, a creature that is basically identical to a hare yet one not so subtle difference…it’s horns! This is a strange animal, which stories have been told of since the 1700s.  Tales of this oddity have inspired faux …

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Jul 28

Sasquatch In Pinchot Park


So I was camping in Pinchot Park and I decided to go exploring in the woods behind the campsite. As I ventured back there I had found that the closest part of the forest was tall grass, brush and scattered trees and as you go deeper there is a dryer area of woods with more …

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Jul 26

Conewago Phantom

So, before I went to Pinchot State Park to go camping I google searched if there have been any cryptid sightings there (as I always do) and what I found was chilling. Apparently there is a creature that matches the description of the Conewago Phantom that has been seen near the lake on a few …

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Jun 19

Re-Bunking Albatwitch Photo Analysis 


In a previous post I analyzed a photo that claimed to be of an Albatwitch. In said post I determined that the photo was of a black bear. The photo itself was this: But then upon further research into cryptid sightings I found this photo which appears to have been taken be a trail camera: …

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Jun 17



It seems as though skepticism and cryptozoology are complete opposites but what if they are actually the same! Well to make such a point I will find the defintions of both sides. According to Google the definition of cryptozoology is: Whilst the definition of skepticism is: It still seems like they are opposite right? Well …

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Jun 07


If you ever are hiking through the depths of the Amazon rainforest you might find yourself in the presence of an enormous beast thought to be extinct. Let your mind grasp, if you can, the idea of a creature with a towering height of 9 ft. when bipedal, a slouching back, thick red fur coat …

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Jun 07


Imagine the shock you would experience if you were a farmer, one whom woke up at the crack of dawn to get an early morning’s work done, only to realize that one of your goats is lying lifless in the field whilst having it’s blood sucked from it’s veins by a foul creature, one that …

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Jun 05

Albatwitch Expedition: Cryptozoology #1

May 29

Albatwitch Photo Analysis 


The Albatwitch is a Sasquatch type creature that roams in the woods of Chickes Rock. Like most cryptids there have been supposed sightings of the creature, including some photos such as this  but a photo is not concrete evidence of the existence of a cryptid. In order to prove or disprove a photo’s legitimacy it …

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May 29

Flatwoods Monster


If you wander deep into the woods of West Virginia you may encounter a bizarre creature, one with a spade shaped crest like that of a squid, eyes glowing like bicycle reflectors, long segmented arms and falanges, and what appears to be a kilt or cloak. That’d be a night you’d never forget. Some say …

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