Nov 16

Podcast Coming Soon

So for a while I have had the issue of needing more content in order to post more consistently. But this issue has not only been on this website but also my YouTube channel. So then I got an idea that an ongoing series would be a recurring presentation with individual originality with each episode. So how I could fit this in with my theme of exploration and adventure? I would have to travel very frequently for a sustainable reputation of posts but the only inconvenience is that I see is that it would be difficult to constantly go places and have it cooperate with schedule. But what if I could do that without going anywhere. Then I realized I could. Though it would rule out the possibility of video it wouldn’t disqualify an audio recording. Realizing this I decided to create a podcast. Other conveniences of making a podcast are that I wouldn’t have to worry too much about visual editing, I could record any where remotely quite and that people could listen to it without having to watch anything: they could listen to it during their comute or jog or if they were preoccupied doing something else that requires their visual attention or for entertainment. And so the theme of this podcast with be talking, debating and conducting interviews on the subject of exploration, adventyre, and cryptozoology. The name is currently pending.

Sep 28


Imagine the confusion you would experience in the event you you have sighted what folklore calls the jackalope, a creature that is basically identical to a hare yet one not so subtle difference…it’s horns!

This is a strange animal, which stories have been told of since the 1700s. 

Tales of this oddity have inspired faux taxidermy of deer antlers mounted on the head of a rabbit such as this:


Well the origins of these stories have come from various sightings of a creature that may very well be out there today!

On June 26 2013 a man by the name of Gunnar Boettcher saw something strange in his yard, he went out to see what it was and got close enough to take this photo of it without it being scared away:

He posted it on Facebook that same day and it was later posted on Reddit, recieving over 2,500 upvotes and nearly 2,000 comments. It was later revealed that the explanation for this photograph is that this is an ordinary rabbit suffering severely from the papilloma virus, a disease that apparently causes growths, in this case in the form of horns. This however is not an isolated incident. There have been multiple other occurrences of this infection on rabbits such as these dipicted here:

So this leads to the conclusion that the sightings that created legends of a mythical beast were simply from people who witnessed a rabbit with papillomavirus in the wild and hence called it a new creature since there is no other like it and rabbits usually tend to not have antlers.

If the definition of a jackalope is a rabbit with horns and/or antlers then the existence of this former cryptid is now confirmed.

Thank you for reading this post =^{D

Jul 28

Sasquatch In Pinchot Park

So I was camping in Pinchot Park and I decided to go exploring in the woods behind the campsite. As I ventured back there I had found that the closest part of the forest was tall grass, brush and scattered trees and as you go deeper there is a dryer area of woods with more trees and vines hanging from the canopy of the treetops. At first I was in the area of much more greenery when I saw a structure a trees that were broken at the base or bent over so it could be intertwined at the top and then covered in dry bushes, twigs and leaves to build a shelter of some sort. As I was questioning the orgin of the wigwam I heard a grunting sound from behind me (30 yds away at most), diagonally to my right (which was from the dry part of the woods). It sounded like the noise you would image if a cow had the wind knocked out of it. I had immediately turned to see the sounce of the sound but whatever made the noise had vanished. I originally thought it was a deer so I went toward the direction of where the sound came from to investigate if there actually was. But whilst going that way I saw an animal trail. I decided to check this animal trail to see if I could find tracks of a deer. I had found an impressions in the ground but it was faint (1/4 inches deep) since the dirt was very dense, but it did not look like a deer print at all but rather like that of a human. This would have been confusing (since it would be hard to belive that any sane person would walk barefoot through ticks, spiderwebs, mud, thorns, poision ivy and possible snakes) if the footprints weren’t 16 inches long and 6 inches wide. There were also more going down this trail (4 1/2 ft stride). I also considered the possibility of it being a bear’s back foot tracks but found no possible prints that would’ve been made by a bear’s front paws.  I then took a photo of the clearest one, even though it was still vague. This is the original picture:You probably can barely see it if at all since it is much easier to see in person. Now this is the edited version to point out details of the photograph:

Blue is outlining the heel area, red is where the arch is, green shows the ball of the foot and yellow outlines the individual toes. As you can see, the area withing the heel and ball of the foot are flattened (leaves folded, twigs pushed into ground or broken) whereas the arch and toes are just disturbed, this is because of the distibution of pressure. I then continued onward into the forest rather than down the trail, figuring that the noise was certainly fresher than the tracks. While in the woods I found more tracks (that were still ill-defined) and some defecate. I had analyzed it and at a glance I could tell it was an omnivorous excrement but I am unfamiliar with scat of specific animals. I then collected some fecal samples and have yet to study them further. There were parts of the forest I couldn’t continue into due to the difficulty of accessibility, which is likely where it had escaped to. Are there Sasquatch in the woods of Pinchot State Park? At this time, given current evidence I would say I am thoroughly convinced there are…

Jul 26

Conewago Phantom

So, before I went to Pinchot State Park to go camping I google searched if there have been any cryptid sightings there (as I always do) and what I found was chilling. Apparently there is a creature that matches the description of the Conewago Phantom that has been seen near the lake on a few occasions. Sightings of this monster originated from the Conewago area (hence the name). It is said to have bat-like wings and a banshee-like scream which sounded similar to other creatures I have heard of. But when I had looked at photos of it I had realized it was synonymous with the Mothman. I later saw an unexplained light coming from the woods and the next morning I was told by a couple of campers that they heard a screeching sound that night. Could the Conewago Phantom be the infamous Mothman? Could it lurk the forests of Pinchot Park? I am led to belive so.

Jul 20

New York City

This is the video of things I did and places I went while in NYC. I hope you enjoy! =^D

Jun 19

Re-Bunking Albatwitch Photo Analysis 

In a previous post I analyzed a photo that claimed to be of an Albatwitch. In said post I determined that the photo was of a black bear. The photo itself was this:

But then upon further research into cryptid sightings I found this photo which appears to have been taken be a trail camera:

Instantly I saw the resemblance between the two photos. But this picture was in an even better resolution. I began to doubt my previous conclusion. Hence I decided to again analyze these photos and compare them to determine a final verdict to the authenticity of the evidence.

To begin I will review previous points that were made and re-apply them to the pictures.

First I had pointed out the features of the limbs.

In both photos you can see that the creatures appears to walk on feet and fists rather than paws and that the knees are pointed foreward. These characteristics match that of a bear. It does not have inverted knees and it have large paws which may appear to look like fists and feet and it can walk bipedally which matches the description of an albatwitch amd blackbears also are known to inhabit the area.

But throughout the examination I was lookimg for similarities of the photo and the albatwitch but what I was not looking for were the differences. And so I did. What I noticed is that the angle from the shoulder to the pelvis goes upwards on a bear yet downwards on the suspected albatwitches as shown here:

Another noticable difference is that the front arms of a bear are shorter than their back legs and the front legs of the albatwitch are longer than their back legs:

But if you notice some of the differences are similarities, not to the bear but to the gorilla and the albatwitch, being a sasquatch type creature, is said to be similar to an ape.

Here you can see that the gorilla has longer arms than legs, it walks on fists and feet, and the angle from shoulder to pelvis goes downward:

Something else you can notice about the gorilla that is like the knees are facing foreward (not inverted).

Another thing that you might notice is that the head shape of the gorilla now seems to be mirrored by the albatwitch, that they are conical.

I now think that my final conclusion is that it would appear the photographs are infact of an albatwitch rather than a blackbear.

Jun 17


It seems as though skepticism and cryptozoology are complete opposites but what if they are actually the same!

Well to make such a point I will find the defintions of both sides.

According to Google the definition of cryptozoology is:

Whilst the definition of skepticism is:

It still seems like they are opposite right? Well my thought is that they go hand in hand.

Seeing that on the subject of cryptozoology, skeptics are trying to disprove evidence provided by researchers while reserachers try to provide evidence that cannot be disproved.

Well understanding that point, let’s say everyone belived in cryptids and there were no skeptics on the subject. Someone may see something in the dark and not know what it is, so they snap a blurry photo of it and label it as a chupacabra but in reality it was a raccoon. Everyone would think it is a chupacabra rather than a raccoon which it really was, which would be a misconception. 

My point is that we cannot say that everytime a tree falls over it was pushed by a sasquatch, and whenever a bat flies over head twas a mothman.

 Because it seems like whenever a cryptozoologist finds anything that could even remotely possibly evidence they say with absolute certainty that it is a form of cryptid. For example, a researcher may find a track and call it a sasquatch footprint, upon further analysis a skeptic would declare it a bear track which it happened to be. Or someone finds their chicken coop massacred and fur nearby and claim it a chupacabra’s doing, when as it turns out it was really a fox.

I’m not at all saying that all cryptid evidence has an alternative truth 😊, but there is some that aren’t what is alleged.

If there a actually sasquatches in a forest and nearby residents have seen it and a researcher goes looking for it he may find a bear track (in an area bears live) and search there, when sasquatches live elsewhere on the same mountain but avoid bear territory for less hunting competition with bears. Using this example it depicts that if a researcher assumes that inaccurate evidece is legit they would be mislead in further study. Whereas if a skeptic showed the researcher that it really was a bear, it would actually help said researcher make more accurate discoveries in the future using knowledge to make more concrete assumptions later.

If more skeptics became researchers also and more researchers were skeptics as well it would seem that most evidence provided in the future would have already went through a post production analysis before release means that in turn evidence that was posted afterwards would be closer to concrete than any evidence we are presented now.

So after all given circumstances I would say that I think skeptism should not be taken as proof of non-existence but rather it is actually a valuable, even crucial, asset to, and of, cryptozoology, both sides proving what is and what is not the absolute truth, which is the ultimate goal we seek.

Jun 07


If you ever are hiking through the depths of the Amazon rainforest you might find yourself in the presence of an enormous beast thought to be extinct. Let your mind grasp, if you can, the idea of a creature with a towering height of 9 ft. when bipedal, a slouching back, thick red fur coat over an impentrable hide, claws sharp enough to effortlessley tear open tree trunks, a rancid aroma similar to garlic or a decomposing animal, a shreek similar to that of a banshee’s scream, and an overall esque of a sloth. This creature which I have just described is known as…the MAPINGUARI! 

Legends have been passed through generations of this monster amongst the jungle natives, sightings still continue today, there have even been hair and fecal samples yet DNA test prove inconsistent  hence inconclusive and are disregarded as non-concrete evidence of it’s existence.

Only time will tell if this beast is ever discovered to be un-extinct.

Jun 07


Imagine the shock you would experience if you were a farmer, one whom woke up at the crack of dawn to get an early morning’s work done, only to realize that one of your goats is lying lifless in the field whilst having it’s blood sucked from it’s veins by a foul creature, one that you had thought was only a myth until this moment, one that has been rumored to exist but never proven, the name itself translates to “goat sucker”, what you belive to be what you have witnessed may smvery well be the legendary… CHUPACABRAS! 

The concentration of sightings of this creature tend to be in areas such as Puerto Rico, Mexico, Central America and the SW US such as Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas which leads skeptics to belive that it is simply hispanic cultural folklore.

This creature is said to be semi-bipedal, have a skin similar to that of a lizard, the scent of sulfur,a forked tounge, claws or talons and equally sharp fangs. Some reports claim it has spines like that of a stegosaurus down their back and others say it jumps like a gazelle or kangaroo. If threatened it is said that it hisses similar to a cat or snake.

The orgins of this monster are uncertain. Some say that it is an alien, hyena, demon,myth, panther, wolf or just a different creature of it’s own.

Certain sightings have been photographed and farmers have shot  alleged chupacabrases but whenever analyzed the carcasses have turned out to be mangy dogs or cougars and photo have been said to be coyotes.

Skeptics doubt it’s existence and even cryptozoologists are unsure due to the lack of evidence causing this to be one of the lesser plausible creatures said to exist but if you ever see it you without question will then belive in the infamous…CHUPACABRA!

Jun 05

Albatwitch Expedition: Cryptozoology #1

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